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Wish Upon a Blazing Star

Posted by: AC Johnson ⋅ Sep 23, 2016

When we're young, we dream about our future. We know we can be whoever we want to be. We grow up and these dreams become more tangible and we dream some more. In the pursuit of our ambition, we sometimes forget the purpose of why we want to be there. We work long hours. We take on more degrees or certifications. We start a business or seek a promotion. In the process of upward movement, we dream even more. We accumulate things. We build nice homes. We buy the latest cars and gadgets. Our lives become more complex and when we get to what we thought could make us happy, we ask "Is this it?" We could keep dreaming or we could look back and change our course.

image description One night, I took an evening walk just as other nights. The first thing I usually do is see if the stars are out. I prefer a starry night over a cloudy horizon. Stars awaken my curiosity. Stars help me dream. My dreams have changed now that I'm older but the stars are steady, it's always there shining so brightly.

My thoughts float away. What if stars are people. I wonder what they see when they look down? I wonder if they can hear what goes on inside these homes and see how insignificant we are down here. However, our pride is bigger than our homes and dreams. We fight. We prove people are wrong. Remembering some things that I read on the news that day, I scrolled down to the comments. I read what people say...and so freely. The world has changed. People have become bolder, it seems. People have become more disrespectful. Or perhaps they've always been that way. The internet and its anonymity just made it easier to do so.

I then dream that this world will be gentler. I wished that our dreams as people will be simpler. That families get along, neighbors would be more generous and lift up each other. I wish people would respect each other amidst disagreements. Suddenly, I see a star blazing by. I poured these wishes on that star. But then I noticed it was too slow. It's an airplane! Ah, I don't have my glasses on. My wishes are postponed for some other time but they're there.


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