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Fast Food Blues

Posted by: AC Johnson ⋅ Sep 27, 2016

I like food. In particular, I enjoy eating home-cooked meals especially in the last several years since we've moved to a big city. Crowds are not my forte and if I opt for cheaper, that choice would be fast food. But they are not my favorite.

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In fact, if I was a psychologist, I would diagnose myself as having FFDT. Yes, it's called Fast Food Dissatisfaction Trauma. It's like a mini phobia (but big enough I would rather have stomach cramps due to hunger than stop at one). I cringe when I do go through the drive through. I just don't know anymore what I'm going to get or not get. It could be missing mayonnaise or too much mayonnaise, a ton of lettuce but no pickle or they forget my cup of water. One time I called the manager as I drove away that they missed the cheese on my order. By that time I unwrapped the food, I realized I lost 40 cents for the cheese. I'm 3 miles away but it would be more expensive to drive back to get the cheese! It's absolutely ridiculous. With all the technology nowadays, we think we would receive the service we a sandwich that was made with basic instructions.

So, I avoid fast food as much as I can and it doesn't matter what they are --- American, Mexican, Chinese style...I have no bias when it comes to fast food. I dislike them all! It was a different experience when I lived in smaller towns. Things are slower and it seemed workers are able to think through the order. At least, that was my experience.

Because I like food but avoid fast food, I would rather cook. Going to sit down restaurants can be pretty expensive so preparing food at home nowadays has been my last resort. If I forget the cheese or onions, I have no one to blame but myself. Plus, I don't have to weigh between driving back to get my 40 cents of cheese or call it a loss and just eat it.


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