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No Serious Recession Ramblings

Posted by: AC Johnson ⋅ Sep 22, 2016

image description Welcome to the first blog of "RECESSION SURVIVORS". Thank you for visiting. This opportunity for a fun medium of expression is exciting to me. Here's my "WHY" for starting this project: to discuss the life CHALLENGES and SOLUTIONS during recession, this cyclical and normal economic pattern that none of us can totally avoid. Such an unfortunate event had and will continue to wreak havoc to people's LIVES. No one can fully prepare for it – be it losing a job, home, family and others. I've been through a few recessions as a child and adult. The combination of such and family disintegration have caused me to say goodbye to my parents' homes, cars, things and friends. I hope through this blog, I can help others. In the process, I'd like to make you LAUGH or smile at the least. It's a serious matter but I intend to inject HUMOR into these discussions.

I compare recessions to NATURAL DISASTERS. They are similar to earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc...Sometimes, it's small and unfelt and at times, the devastation is so great destroying thousands or millions of lives and properties. Recessions displace PEOPLE, break up families, affect children or teens and cause an insurmountable amount of fear on our PSYCHE. However, much like natural disasters, some beautiful things emerge from the chaos. Stories of heroic deeds and unexpected kindness surface. FAMILIES come together. Neighbors help one another...perhaps because once nothing is left and hope is lost, people know all they have is each other.

There is a debate going on today or as early as first quarter of 2016. Economic EXPERTS and writers said "a recession is coming in 6 months" or "we are heading towards a recession." Recessions have given me a bad taste in my mouth. Who wants to go through that "hell" again? Unlike natural disasters though, no one can accurately predict a recession. We could be in a recession now. I see economic indicators saying so and too many large industries and powerful countries in Europe, Americas and Asia have tightened their belts. Some investment analysts and authorities deny it. What we know is recessions are not announced until 6 months to a year after they've started.

I've explained what this blog is about and I'd like to tell you what it's not. It's not a place to COMPLAIN and not offer SOLUTIONS. It's a place to find some HOPE, a place to help us identify what we can and cannot control. This blog is not a series of intense and serious ramblings. It'll be a sometimes GLOOMY, sometimes FUNNY take on life. It won't be the type of recession jokes like "FedEx is expected to join its competitor UPS to become: FedUP". It will be more in the form of stories. We might as well LAUGH through this, right? It doesn't cost a thing.

Until next. Feel free to leave a comment. I value your thoughts and opinion.


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